Friday, 3 August 2007

Celebrations after 1,000 miles!

Beer and cake was consumed, parents and friends were phoned and then the boys posed by the famous Lands' End signpost.

They didn't want to cycle back to the farm so we had to press cycle carriers into use. Wicks had to take his bike to pieces to get it into the back of Ruth's car.

We journeyed past Penzance to Marazion to eat at The Clipper Cafe and to walk on the beach. The tide was coming in and had covered the causeway to St Michael's Mount.

Back at Embla Farm, everyone changed into swimsuits and played in the pool before another celebratory barbecue in the evening with champagne.

Finally, everyone walked to the top of the hill for the view of two coasts as dusk was falling.

A great adventure.

Photos show the boys lined up at the signpost, relaxing with their beers/cider, in the pool, cracking open the champagne and enjoying a feast at the barbecue.

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