Monday, 30 July 2007

Day 13 - Bristol to Taunton

28th July

Another easy day with less than 40 miles to Taunton, but on a busy Saturday in the summer on the A38.

The M5 was congested so a lot of traffic took the alternative route.

No hills to speak of and a smooth ride into Somerset.

It was different with the camper van. The Alternator V-Belt broke as we were leaving the drive of the Brook Lodge Farm campsite, and we spent the next hour awaiting the Green Flag man in a layby a mile distant where Timothy's Breakfasts served up the best ever eggs and bacon.

Fortunately, Derrick, who had sold me the camper van, was very thorough, and had put a spare belt in the back. Thus the van was fixed rather than having to be towed to Taunton and await repair on the Monday.

The Cornish Touring Park at Taunton is excellent. Both Adele, who was taking over from us as support, and the boys had arrived before us. Rain clouds were gathering as we pitched camp.

Looking for good food in the area? Look no further than the White Hart Inn in Corfe. The food is tremendous. Freshly cooked just for you.

Paul Wicks joined us again and treated us all to dinner. Thank you Paul!

Photos show lads about to depart from Brook Lodge Farm campsite, Bertha being put on a towing vehicle, Bertha being repaired in a layby and all of us pitching camp at Cornish Touring Park in Taunton.

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