Monday, 30 July 2007

Day 14 - Taunton to Okehampton

29th July

The ground was very damp when we got up, but the rain had passed and the skies cleared quickly.

Sunny weather, not too hot, just right for cycling.

Sadly Len and I had to turn back here, because of other commitments, with Lands' End so close.

Although Somerset remained level, the hills became frequent and steep in Devon. The party camped overnight at the Betty Cottles Inn on the Tavistock Road outside Okehampton.

Photos show the boys pushing Bertha out of the mud, their departure from the Cornish Touring Park in Taunton, and finally Len and Sue Hutton posing with Adele and Harriet Jarrom and Harriet's friend Charlotte, outside Sainsbury's at Taunton - the support handover.

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